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Air Conditioning Tooling, Equipment & Consumables

Specialist tooling and consumables covers the full range of professional air conditioning equipment for the Franchised and Independent workshop and mobile technician.

  UV Leak Detection

RAC41550 UV Leak Detection Kit
Provided with a complete friendly user and ergonomic injection gun, UV lamp, hose with R134a quick coupler, dye bottle, goggles and dye cleaner bottle.

RAC41551 UV Dye Manual Injection
This product injects a single dose of dye into the AC system at 11bar.No air is allowed to enter the system. Comes complete in a case with 64 shots of dye.
RAC41556 UV Lamp
This product is a cordless rechargeable UV lamp, can be used when the other lamps are limited by their cord. The battery charger and goggles are included.

  Nitrogen Pressure Testing/Leak Detection

RAC41999 Pressure Regulator
Basic 40 Bar regulator for nitrogen pressure testing. Comes with auto connection lead to low side port.


RAC41570 Electronic Leak Detector
This refrigerant leak detector has an electro-chemical sensor made of ceramic substrate covered with a reagent. The sensor is kept at a high temperature by an in-built mechanism. It is sensitive to all CFCs (R12, R11), HFCs (R134a) and HCFCs (R22, R123)

  Professional Hose Crimper

RAC41571 & RAC41574 Crimping Machine
Innovative new crimping machine to get the perfect crimp first time. With 8 dyes set in the tool head it ensures the crimp will be perfect and no refrigerant leaks possible. The crimper can be opened up to allow ease of use in limited space and difficult positions.
Available in manual and hydraulic format.


RAC41561 Extension Port
This exstension port allows charging on BMW E60/E61 Ford Galaxy
Ford SMAX Mercedes SLK

RAC41517 Renault Port Adapter
This adapter converts low side port on vehicle to High Side for charging.
043139 Low Side adapter 1/4" to R134a
043140 High Side adpater 1/4" to R134a

  Refrigerant Service Station Parts

Machine Hoses
2400mm Red, Blue, Yellow
Available in 1/4"&3/8" SAE & 1/2"ACME

R134a Couplers
High Side 1/4" SAE male thread
Low Side 1/4" SAE male thread
R134a Couplers
High Side M14 x 1.5 female thread
Low Side M14 x 1.5 female thread


13KG R134a
Bottles provided meet Euro safety standards.

UV Dye
Suitable for leak detection tools, are available in different bottle sizes, for every necessity.
ISO46 RAC41595
ISO100 RAC41596
ISO150 RAC41594
RAC41425 Flush Fluid
This environmentally friendly solvent is non-toxic and contains no polluting substances such as surface-active agents,.It does not destroy or deform elastomer (rubber) and/or synthetic materials. Its flash point of 70°C makes it much safer to use than benzene based solvents.